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Austrian through and through Austrian ingredients. Austrian recipes. Made in Austria.


Production facilities in Vienna

Our strudels, strudel dough and a wide range of other Viennese specialities are made in the pastry capital’s 22nd district. In keeping with the mottos of “The best Viennese pastries” and “The taste of home”, all Toni Kaiser and Bauernland products are made with the greatest possible care using traditional recipes and natural ingredients – for that unmistakable homemade flavour.

Classic Toni Kaiser strudels

The original Viennese apple strudel is one of the most successful products in the Toni Kaiser range. Each year the Viennese production facility processes roughly 600,000kg of fresh apples. The original Viennese quark strudel is the second most popular classic strudel.  Around 300,000kg of quark is required to make the dish each year.

Frisch & Frost also launches new products on a regular basis. One recent innovation, hand-stretched wholegrain strudel dough, is made using proprietary technology.

Just like grandma used to make!

At the Vienna site all of the different production lines are grouped together in a single hall. Four large freezer zones provide ideal storage conditions and support our high-efficiency logistics processes. Only the very best recipes are used for Frisch & Frost products, and our production facilities lock in the natural goodness of the ingredients. Quality control is a key priority for the Vienna plant, too. Each individual strudel is subjected to at least four separate controls before it leaves the plant.


Hollabrunn production facility

The Hollabrunn production facility processes around 100 million kilogrammes of potatoes each year, equivalent to 18,000kg per hour. The machines operate 24 hours a day, six days a week.
The production plant in Hollabrunn is one of the largest manufacturers of frozen foods in Austria; producing some 3.4 million semolina dumplings a month and 28,000 potato croquettes per hour, as well as around 50 million kilogrammes of French fries and oven chips each year, the plant is the nation’s leading manufacturer in this segment.

Three production halls for optimal processing

Hollabrunn has three separate production halls, each of which is linked to a central packing facility and deep freeze warehouse. There is a separate area for French fries, while potato and cabbage salad share another building, and the third production hall is given over to pasta, soup garnishes and all other potato products.

Certified food safety

All of the products in Hollabrunn are subjected to stringent quality and food safety controls – from the raw ingredients to the production stage and, finally, dispatch. In addition to all the statutory external controls a system of additional checks is implemented voluntarity.











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