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Frisch und Frost Logo

Austrian through and through Austrian ingredients. Austrian recipes. Made in Austria.


On-site support – nationwide 

Our customers are supported by a country-wide team of advisers. Our 25-strong team of sales representatives is on hand to support cooks, chefs, restaurateurs and F&B managers in every single one of the Austrian provinces. Extensive information on all of our products is available from the Austrian sales team. Simply select your region for details.




Alfons Thijssen
General Manager


Franz Schütz
General Manager

"Frisch & Frost is a dynamic company
that is committed to putting
the very best that Austria has to offer
on every plate in the country, and further afield."
"Frisch & Frost is characterized by the
commitment to Austrian dishes made from
Austrian raw materials and an uncompromising
orientation towards quality."



Andreas Fürtbauer
Food Service Manager

Tel.: +43(0)664/610 04 22




Manfred Palzenberger

Manfred Palzenberger
Regional sales manager,
catering Austria/Bavaria
Head of field sales
Tel.: +43(0)664/627 38 02

Harald Magedler
Catering consultant, eastern Austria
Tel.: +43(0)664/627 55 73


Siefried Kehrer

Siegfried Kehrer
Regional manager, western Austria 
Tel.: +43(0)664/625 38 43

Christian Fischer
Catering consultant, eastern Austria 
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-210

Markus Böhler
Catering consultant, western Austria
Tel.: +43(0)664/394 09 61

Willi Peketz
Catering consultant, southern Austria
Tel.: +43(0)664/625 38 44

Günter Schmied
Catering consultant, central Austria 
Tel.: +43(0)664/627 11 95

Stefan Pevek
Catering consultant, eastern Austria
Tel.: +43(0)664/627 16 71

Hubert Wieland
Catering consultant, western Austria
Tel.: +43(0)664/627 56 28

Karl Pinter
Catering consultant, eastern Austria 
Tel.: +43(0)664/627 16 70



Roman Ulreich
Catering consultant, central Austria
Tel.: +43(0)664/627 56 06







Debora Ruth Kratzel-van Dam
Account Manager
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-273

Italy/South Tyrol


Manfred Sinn
Consultant for Italy/South Tyrol
Tel: +39 333 63 88 445




Customer Service


Andrea Buchinger
Head of customer service
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-260

Elisabeth Guggenberger
Customer service administration
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-249

Susanne Mitas
Customer service administration
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-250

Sonja Seidl_100x120

Sonja Seidl
Customer service administration
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-248

Beate Fischer-Uhl
Customer service
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-240

Beate Hengl
Customer service east
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-330

Birgit Spitzer
Customer service south
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-220

Elisabeth Bollenberger
Customer service
Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-211






Rodoljub Jevdjenic
Sales manager

Tel.: +43(0)664/627 54 29



Angelika Brunner

Assistant, retail

Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-251

Susanne Neusser

Assistant, retail

Tel.: +43(0)2952/2335-252






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